Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black Swarovski Crystal Maternity Belly Button Ring

If you are pregnant and shopping for maternity belly button rings, I am sure you have noticed that there are lots of styles to choose from - Crystal, Charm, Acrylic etc...

The last few days, the Black Swarovski Crystal Flower Maternity Belly Button Ring has been my top seller.  It is a stunning belly button ring and the best thing about it is that it can be worn after pregnancy too.  It comes with a steel bar so after the baby is born, you simply unscrew the balls from the flexible PTFE bar and put them on the steel bar instead.  It is only $18.99 from BellyCharms.com.

I am wearing the Pink Swarovski Crystal Belly Button Ring now (non-maternity of course) and love it.  I have had this in for months and all of the crystals are still there.

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