FAQ: Maternity Belly Rings

What is a maternity belly button ring and why do you need them?
A maternity belly button ring is flexible and extra long.   I offer very basic maternity belly button rings,  cute charm belly rings and crystal maternity belly button rings. This extra length of the shaft allows most people to comfortably wear them through their entire pregnancy.  It is made from PTFE (see next question).  Every pregnant belly button is different, but most people find that during the second trimester a regular length belly button ring become too tight.  I personally wore my maternity "It's A Boy" belly button ring all the way to the delivery room with my second son.  I still wear flexible ones today.

What is PTFE and is is safe?
PTFE is the abbreviation for Polytetrafluoroethylene - it is more commonly know as teflon.  Since it is flexible,  it is very comfortable to wear in body piercings because it moves with the body.  This reduces stress on the delicate skin and tissues around the piercing.  PTFE also has a non-stick surface which drastically reduces healing time in new body piercings.  

PTFE is flexible, comfortable and hpoallergenic.  It is very safe and allergic reactions are very rare.   Because of its hypoallergenic and non-stick properties, it is a prime material for use in the medical industry for such things as surgical implants.  The body rarely rejects it.

For pregnant women who wear a PTFE maternity belly button ring, this allows for growth and stretching with maximum comfort.  PTFE flexible belly button rings ares also great for people who are very athletic or have experienced reactions to the metal used in traditional body jewelry.

Some of your maternity belly button rings come in 4 lengths,  how do I know what size to buy?
Just like every pregnancy is different, every belly button reacts differently as well.  There is no way to really predict where your belly button will be by your last trimester.

You  do not want to have a tight fitting maternity belly button ring.  Leave a little "wiggle" room on each end, especially if you are getting it early in your pregnancy.  I offer 4 sizes in the acrylic maternity belly button rings (1.25, 1.5, 1.75 or 2 inches) as a convenience to my customers.  Some people do not want to rethread it after purchase.

If in doubt, go a little longer.  You can always shorten it if needed. 

How do I shorten / rethread my maternity belly button ring?
It is easy.  Visit the Rethreading PTFE link below on PregnancyBellyButtonRings.com for step by step instructions.  An instruction card is also included with every purchase.

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