Monday, March 28, 2011

What's Popular in Maternity Belly Button Rings?

This weekend it has been all crystal.  The Swarovski Crystal Ferido Ball Maternity Belly Button Rings and the traditional Double Gem Maternity Belly Button Rings have  been the most popular the whole month of march.

Lots of maternity belly bling with these crystal designs.  Both of these options are also available as regular belly button rings from Belly Charms.  I am not pregnant, I love these, so I always have some cool non-maternity belly button rings on my website too.  So here are the 2 most popular belly rings from the weekend.

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Villa Bisono said...

I didnt even know they had special rings for pregnant woman…now following your blog, will recommend to my friends who are preggers!..much appreciated if you could follow back, thank you!
xoxo from NY!


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