Thursday, March 3, 2011

New 4-Leaf Clover Maternity Belly Button Ring 20% off from Belly Charms.

A brand new Antique Silver 4-Leaf Clover Charm Maternity 
Belly Button Ring was just added to Belly Charms.  

This cute belly ring has a very light weight charm and is marked 20% off.  It is on sale now for only $7.99.  

Click HERE to check out the Holiday Maternity Belly Button Rings.

This belly button ring is also available in a standard length for the same price.

1 comment:

sheila said...

Beautiful! My daughter has a belly ring, but not pregnant thank God. lol. She is highly allergic to nickel, do you make anything completely nickel free? :o) will look around and probably will answer my own question, lol

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