Friday, January 28, 2011

Sweet Deal - Get organized for 1/2 off with Organized Parent logoToday’s Sweet Deal will help you get organized and won’t break the bank: get $30 of fashionable and practical products from the Organized Parent for only $15.  I think I need to order this one right now for myself.  These are great gifts for busy moms too.


Laurie Harrison said...

Hello. I am a new follower from the Friday Hop Along Hop.
I have a review/giveaway family blog called Grandma Sez So that you will find in my profile.
Stop by sometime.
I am also a finalist in a $10,000 bathroom makeover voting contest sponsored by CSN Stores
Could you give us a vote? Appreciated more than you know, by golly!
CSN Stores will send you a little email (it may go to junk mail) just verify your vote and you just helped someone out today. God Bless ya!

Swati said...

I am your newest follower from a blog hop!!
Glad to have found you :)

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