Monday, January 10, 2011

Maternity and Crystal Belly Button Ring Coupon Code

I looked at my collection and decided on the Pink Swarovski Crystal Flower Ferido Ball Belly Button Ring for this weeks featured belly button ring from Belly Charms.  I am wearing one right now.  Very cool.

I get questions all the time from pregnant women about how their belly button will look after they have a baby.  Honestly, every belly button reacts differently.  

Some people can wear their regular belly ring their whole pregnancy with no tightness at all. 

Most people, like me, have to take the regular one out and go with a maternity belly button ring.  I replaced mine at 5 months.

After having 2 boys in 13 1/2 months, my belly button looks just like it did before I had kids.....yes that is my belly button in the pic:)

This belly button ring is available in a flexible maternity length or a short standard length.  Both are the featured items for Belly Charms this week.

Use coupon code Flower30 and get 30% off until 1/15.  The regular price is $18.99.  With the coupon code it is only $13.29!

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