Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I Got Last Christmas

My hubby likes to plan way ahead and is already talking about Christmas.  We have been using Santa for the last 2 months to make the boys behave.  I think we call Santa at least once a day to report naughty behavior from my 3 year old.

Last year we got furniture - or should I say we bought furniture.  We were preparing to move and we needed tables - all kinds.  A coffee table, kitchen table, end table,  and sofa table.  You see when Little A started to walk we got rid of the tables in the family room. My sister was very glad because we gave them to her. I just had a vision of him falling into one.  Go ahead and call us paranoid parents, we know it is true.

This year I plan to do most of my shopping online.  With 2 little boys it is near impossible to really shop in stores.  I am much happier doing it from the comfort of my office when they are asleep.

I was very excited when CSN stores contacted me about doing a product review.  They have 200+ sites with something for everyone.  Now I am just trying to decide what to review. Any suggestions?

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