Friday, September 17, 2010

Maternity Belly Button Ring Question: What length to get

The most common question I get from expectant moms about maternity belly button rings is this. " What length should I get?"  Just as every pregnancy is different, every belly button reacts differently too.  I have spoken to people who had to take out their metal belly button ring and change to a flexible, PTFE maternity belly button ring during the first trimester.  I have also talked to people who where able to keep a standard length belly ring in their whole pregnancy.

I decided to take a photo showing 3 lengths of belly button rings.  The first is your standard steel belly button ring, the second picture is of the 1.25 inch acrylic maternity belly button ring and the third, extra long,  charm maternity belly button ring is the 2 inch length.

As you can see the 1.25 inch maternity belly ring is much longer than the standard metal one.  So back to the question of ." What length should I buy?"  Well there is not one correct answer. If someone is in their 5th or 6th month and are just now having issues with a standard belly button ring, then a 1.25 inch one will probably work just fine.

The metal ball, charm maternity belly button rings are very easy to rethread ( AKA shorten).  If you can use a pair of scissors and screw a ball on, then you can shorten your Belly Charm with no problem at all.  To keep it simple, most of these come in the standard, extra long, 2 inch length

I personally had to remove my  steel belly ring and replace it with a maternity belly button ring around 5 months. I cut it down but did leave about 1/4 of an inch "growing" room.  You always want these to have a little extra length so it does not fit tight.  The main goal here is to keep the hole comfortable, and of course have a really cute belly ring at the same time.

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